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About Me

I was born at a very early age..................... sometime during the last century now.................... I like riding motorbikes and have been known to commute about 10 to 12 thousand miles each year on a motorbike. I have taken up the role of the full time domestic technician and can be found most days carrying out my domestic chores......................

I reside in the City of Chelmsford in the county of Essex and have been an active member of Chelmsford and District model Railway club for a number of years.................I wasn't grey haired when I joined..........I am also a member of the EM Gauge Society.

I have been making Model Railways and exhibiting Layouts for many years. I work in various gauges and scales, I have even run an SM32 Layout laid directly on the grass at the local Vicarage for a Garden Party using battery powered radio control Locos


(see more of the photos in the Photo Gallery page).

 I am more known for constructing Micro and small layouts as I find these quick to build and can be easily handled by one or two people (usually just myself). The most Excellent website dedicated to Small and Micro Layouts can be found at http://www.carendt.us/  Sadly Carl Arendt passed away March 2011 but his website is still being maintained and I still found this site a very good source of inspiration and ideas.

Just for the record, Frankenstein Electronics Corpse is the person who wires up all my model railway layouts and stuff..............................that'll be me then.............




Maldon Market Hill is my small EM Gauge layout appears to have 'tailed off' on Exhibition Circuit. Deyton Heights my small HO dark and gloomy American themed layout has now gone to a new owner. East Dunnet 0-16.5 is still getting bookings. Hopewell Spring (00 DCC controlled) has been getting bookings at exhibitions and the usual school fetes and Christmas bazaars and is now a 'regular' at these events at The St. Augustine Church.

The 00 fine scale version of Maldon Market Hill (1950s - early 1960s style) and DCC controlled appears to have taken over the EM version for bookings. Roast Green Road Depot (7mm narrow gauge) has had a new photographic backscene and this has greatly increased the visual effect, and also has been picking up the bookings.

I have 'revamped' a layout called Gwlyb a gwyntog (Cymru) (Wet & Windy Wales) which is a small end of the branch line railway that goes beyond the last station on the line and ends up at this well ‘off the beaten track’ yard. It is really a 00 DCC controlled shunting puzzle style 'L' shaped layout with a back ground of gloomy dark foreboding skies and scenery of North Wales............. I was offered this layout and have made the points controllable by remote rod control. I have also remade the buildings and scenery to add to the dull gloomy day…..

Upper Downham is a delightful and very atmospheric 7mm Narrow Gauge depiction of a small end of the line railway terminous station. The facilities are just about adequate for the village and it looks like there may be some expansion on the horizon due to the large volume of railway traffic............

Tillingham, again 00 DCC controlled is a one metre square layout based on a Paul Lunn design and has all the track work and wiring completed and is at the scenery stage.

As I have so much EM Gauge Wisbech & Upwell rolling stock I will be making a representation of Boyces Bridge Depot, the 'halfway point' on the Wisbech & Upwell Tramway when I have made 'Tillingham' presentable for exhibitions.

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